The beginning of thought: Writing like a wiki?

    In exploring the edges of my ability to write and explain myself cohesively, I've sometimes sketched out thoughts without full explanation or analysis or defense. And I've been surprised to see those go farther than I would have thought possible. My recent article on Christianity against Religion is a good example. It occurs to me that this article is simply a jumping-off point for other discussions, and that if I do it correctly, I will discuss each point more in depth, returning to the original article to link forward to these more complete discussions.

    But this begins to look more and more like a wiki. And wiki-writing seems appealing to me right now. Maybe rather than this forward motion of trying to lay out each thought completely in sequence, it would be better to begin iterating over ideas, digging deeper and deeper. Maybe this is a way to approach writing more in tune with the modern world. I don't know, but it's worth a try.

    So I will try. Here.