Christianity is a platform

    Christianity is a platform, and platforms are measured by their generativity.

    For a long time, Christianity has been seen as a sort of closed box, a looped off container holding certain ideas together. But any such system denies that humans can learn and grow, and Christianity is explicitly about learning and growing. In other words, Christianity was never meant to be the stopping point of human or spiritual understanding.

    What then is Christianity? It is a set of realizations creating a new platform for human thought and action. It explicitly attempts to move humanity from the ancient religious way of thinking into a meta-conscious sort of self-direction. It moves from the idea of external motivation to the concept of internal motivation. It directly addresses the limitations humans face in living to their motivations, and it sets up a program for a new sort of humanity, centered not around temples or nations or races or external markers, but around this internal motivating force.

    We can talk about some of this new conception. It sits foundationally on the idea of hope, of a reality in which good tends to win out. It advises trust in the future, and in other humans. And it posits that love is the definitional basis of humankind.

    There is much more. But the point is that this understanding is a starting point, a framework for all the things to come.

    Similarly, the enlightenment was not the end point of science, but the starting point. It gave a framework for building a society and an understanding that would lead to scientific discovery. It got hold of the ideas of equality, individual discovery and decision-making, and reproducibility, and the scientific revolution was born.

    Where did these ideas come from? I would argue that they're a cross-section of the original Christian framework.

    Regardless, the point is the same. These ideas formed a ground for building. This was the intent of Christianity - not that we would believe we have found all the answers, but that we would have the tools and the foundation to build a new and better humanity.