How to contact me

    I care about my interactions with people more than almost anything else. But I'm not very good at keeping up with all kinds of different communications technologies coming at me at the same time. As a result, there are some practices you need to know about.

    For one, if you're calling, and I don't recognize the number, I'm not going to answer. If I don't know why you're calling, I'm probably not going to answer either. Too many people have consumed multiple hours of my time in phone conversation, when I just couldn't afford it.

    I also don't do text messaging. Both my voicemail and my text messages go to my Google Voice, and I receive them as email. That's how I deal with them, so you might as well email me, and save a step.

    But maybe you don't have access to email, but do have access to text messaging or a phone. That's fine, send me a message, and I'll respond when I can.

    So for my own sanity, and for yours, here's a short checklist:

    Do you need to talk business with me?

    Email. I've probably given you my email address already, and it's not that hard to find online. If you need something immediate from me, you should say so at the beginning or in the subject line.

    Do you need to setup a meeting?


    Do you need to ask me for something?


    Do you need to text me something?

    Email. Or, if you have to, text my Google Voice number, and I'll get it as email.

    Do you need to call me?

    Email. Or, if you have no other way to contact me, call my Google Voice number, and I'll get your transcribed message as an email.

    Do you need to have a conversation with me about our personal relationship, or some dreamy idea-sharing, or just enjoying each other's company?

    Let's schedule coffee, or some one-on-one conversation time...via email.