Why I hate religion, but love Jesus

    This video has been making the rounds, stirring up a lot of attention and commentary, and causing at least a few people to drop the f-word into some Christian discussion lists. Go and watch it now, and then come back.

    I've been engaging with a few people about it, and there seems to be several different kinds of responses.

    On one end, there are some traditionalists who find it really offensive. Or at best, misguided, and likely to lead people astray. They will probably ignore it, or post a biting comment.

    But then there are the evangelicals, who find it captures the way they want to feel about Jesus. They are part of a religion in all the important ways, but don't feel like "religion" really defines their experience very well. So they like it and promote it.

    The biggest category are the vague Christians. They don't go to church much, or do very many "Christian" things, but they apparently maintain quite strong feelings for Jesus. This video resonates with them in a real way. They probably compose the silent majority of the country, and are sincere in all the ways that Christiany Christians aren't. They love the heck out of this video.

    Then there are the theology hipsters. Let's face it, these people wouldn't like the video if it agreed with every single point of their doctoral thesis. They are the ones engaging in the biggest critique, suggesting that religion is a proper human category, and that making a contrast between Jesus and religion is overly-simplistic.

    And then there are the people like me. I'm very Christian. I have a lot of discussions with the theology hipsters. I'm surrounded by evangelicals, but live in the world of vague Christians. I run a website called "Christianity Against Religion".

    And I'm kind of thinking that the video didn't go far enough.

    What do you think?