Why I am speaking at the Mormon Transhumanist Conference

    Late last year, I explained why I (a non-Mormon) had joined the Mormon Transhumanist Association. I felt like religious people hadn't been interfacing with the future to any appreciable degree, and that those who were spiritual and religious needed to speak out on the issues that rapid change and technological acceleration are causing.

    This weekend, I'll be speaking at the Mormon Transhumanist Association Conference, trying to take up my own commission, talking about what it means to be human in the Jewish and Christian narrative, and what that entails for ourselves and our future.

    Identity, after all, is where it always starts. Identity was the battleground between ancient Judaism and the blood-gods, and between Christianity and imperial paganism. And identity will increasingly mark the battle-lines around which our culture will fracture.

    It's more important than ever that we have these discussions. If you can be involved in something in your area, do it. If you can get to Salt Lake City, join me. If you can join or start a local discussion, please do so.