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Some Simulation Argument flowcharts

Simulation argument

The simulation argument conversation. the simulation argument

Finite or Infinite? finite or infinite


Jonathan Cannon:

I agree with your conclusion, here, but there are numerous ways in which existence can be finite or infinite. I discuss this in a recent blog post that you can find if you look on my facebook timeline. I'd love any comments or criticisms you might have on it.


Jonathan, that is completely true. These should by no means by taken as being comprehensive in any sense - they are just meant to be kind-of-helpful thought experiments.

Jonathan Cannon:

I like the flow charts. Thanks for making them. Would it be hard to put source/copyright information on the charts so I can reuse them? I can do it myself, but it might not be as pretty.


Jonathan, I went ahead and updated them with that information. Sorry it took so long! -Micah