Interested in Christian Transhumanism?

    Transhumanism is the ethical use of technology to extend human ability, and to improve the human condition.

    Transhumanism holds that we should not be limited by the way things are, or by the way they have been in the past; that we should not resign ourselves to a world with extreme poverty, malnutrition, and disease — but that we can and should work to overcome these and all other obstacles to improving human life.

    Christian Transhumanism holds that this viewpoint arises naturally from our scriptural and spiritual heritage — that the biblical view of humanity is one in which we live out the likeness and image of God by creating new things and bringing new life into the world — that in the pattern of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we continually venture out on faith to build new futures in the wilderness.

    Christian Transhumanism holds that this understanding of human identity was embodied in the life of Jesus, who transformed our vision of the boundaries of human life, and self-sacrificially opened up new possibilities for the future of the human race.

    We believe that it is crucial that Christians come to know and embrace this vision of humanity, so that we may expand our imagination, and engage proactively in building the future. We believe that we should not be content with simply reacting to things as they happen, but should be actively involved in shaping and growing new possibilities in the world. We believe that the provocative biblical understanding of humanity is a powerful vision and a gift that should be shared.

    For all of these reasons, we think that it is time for Christian Transhumanists to step forward and invite others to join with us in imagining, expressing, and working towards our best dreams for the world and the future.

    If any of this resonates with you, let's continue the discussion:

    Interested in Christian Transhumanism?