When I think of consumerism, I think of companies without values — or more precisely, companies without opinions. That is, they’re not doing anything wrong, but they’re also not fighting for anything right.

    But should they be? To what degree do we want businesses to be taking sides, having strong opinions, advocating for favorite causes?

    Remember, to the extent that businesses take sides, some of them are going to be taking sides against us. And if we want businesses to have strong opinions, we’re going to have to take this as a good thing.

    Is that what we want? Every purchase to be infused with some value decision?

    I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know this: anything I start is going to be opinionated. I have no interest in bland disengagement. I have very little interest in money for its own sake. If I’m not fighting for something, I’m not likely to be involved.