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Peter Rollins and Insurrection


Peter Rollins and the Death of Religion

I’m currently reading Peter Rollins’ brilliant and incisive book “Insurrection”. One of the primary ideas is that on the cross, Jesus lost everything including God himself, and that this experience of the loss of God is the central dynamic at the ...
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Peter Rollins and Experiencing God

In Insurrection, Peter Rollins critiques the way in which various religious movements attempt to experience God. One approach is the one taken by Chick Tracts, where God is a being so external to the world, the earth is left with no real meaning,...
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Peter Rollins and the Deception of Living in the Moment

Lately I’ve been reading Peter Rollins, and in doing so, have become very suspicious of anything that might provide a false sense of security. Like every being or creature, we naturally resist change. We attempt to maintain the status quo to prot...
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Deus Ex Machina

In Insurrection, Peter Rollins critiques the Deus Ex Machina. This is the god that, in ancient Greek plays, was lowered on a rope into the middle of the stage, in order to resolve the story. It’s a terrible contrivance, and we’ve probably all see...