The Infinite Resurrection

    A few months ago, I gave a talk entitled “The Infinite Resurrection” at the annual conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. The MTA are always great hosts, and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the other speakers.

    Like many of the others there, I am not Mormon, and my talk was not on Mormonism. Instead, I spoke about a subject that was extremely important, and yet incredibly controversial, from the very earliest moments of Christianity: The resurrection of the body.

    Why was resurrection of the body considered so important? What was the significance of insisting on the resurrection of the dead, rather than the immortality of the soul that was so popular with Plato and other philosophers?

    Put another way, why did Christians stand out like a sore thumb in the ancient Roman Empire?

    In this short talk, I give three reasons I think resurrection was so incredibly important to early Christians, and the one thing that was unique in early Christian teaching.

    In short, resurrection provokes action.