Apocalypse: Been There, Done That

I've just finished writing up an article about why I believe the Second Coming has already happened. It's relatively short, far from comprehensive, and is only an attempt to look at the basics. Essentially, it's an overview of the story of the New Testament, and the times the New Testament authors perceived themselves to be living in.

Apocalypse: Been There, Done That

More important than understanding the WHEN of the Second Coming, is understanding the WHAT and the WHY. And I attempt to address that.

The real damage done by pre-millennialism and other religious eschatologies of the last 200 years is that they rob us of an understanding of what God has already done, why Jesus did what he did, and what God is truly interested in.

If we can discover a better understanding of eschatology, we can recover a better understanding of God.

I'd love to discuss this. Feel free to leave comments on the article below.