Christianity reborn

Today, I'm starting a new email list about Christianity as the anti-religion.

I care a lot about my religion. And the thing that concerns me the most is that, as the major institutions of Christianity begin to fall apart, and new forms of spirituality begin to rise, that the peculiar genius of the Christian idea is being missed and obscured.

I'm not interested in a kind of emaciated, "it's not great, but it's mine", form of Christianity. I want a positive, aggressively forward-looking, humble but magnificent vision. And I think that the vision of Jesus and the early Christians is just that, an untapped well of insight and imagination that has barely begun to be felt.

So I intend to explore what Christianity has to offer the world now, and what that looks like in a post-religious spirituality.

Not that I have all this figured out. There are many big questions to be asked and answered. But we are heading into a time that is going to be drastically different than what has been, and I think we have the tools and framework to see that this will be the most christian era yet.

The Christianity that has come before us is just a sort of stumble at the front steps. The Christianity that will come next is about to open the door to the rest of the mansion.